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CCTV surveillance of structures shows lower rates of thefts and robberies in comparison to those without. Staff and customers are more secure when there are surveillance cameras installed inside and outside of the structure. Surveillance cameras are also an effective source of evidence should they be needed during an investigation.

The areas to consider installing surveillance cameras include entry and exit points Storage facilities, employee workstations, areas that are restricted and parking spaces as well as loading docks. elevators. That way, you’ll have assurance that you’ll be able to replay and see everything that goes in your office premises.

10. Commercial Security Services

Security guards is an old-fashioned but effective way to ensure protection for your premises. These professionals are educated to guard your home from threats of any kind. IBISWorld says that there were over 11 721 security businesses in the United States as of 2023. It’s a multibillion-dollar business and has a market worth 51 billion dollars.

To fulfill their responsibilities efficiently, they’re placed at strategic places such as entryways and exits. Other guards may be assigned to guard the building looking for people who are suspicious or any other situations to avoid their actions from becoming more dangerous. Also, if a company ceases to operate during the festive season security guards remain on the premises to continue safeguarding the property.

Security guards respond quickly when they are confronted by threats. Since the guards are already on the spot If there’s an incident that’s a matter of security, the guards can respond in the shortest amount of time. This allows them to reduce the threat before it escalates to more serious security issues.

Security guards are also able to help improve customer service. Have you ever walked into commercial properties looking for an office but couldn’t find it? Who do you go to in order to get directions? Security guards roaming around the streets of


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