Can College Students Invest in Real Estate? – Tips to Save Money

This course focuses on the real estate industry and on students. The course also covers exciting strategies to be a successful real estate entrepreneur, without a college degree.

The initial strategy that the author describes as”the College Hack. It calls for you to work part-time to start building a work background. The banks would like to verify a two-year employment background before lending you money. Even if you only start working part-time, you can become fully-time during the summer. If you want to, you could take out a loan with cash you earned during the process of making three percent downpayment on a home.

Another option is seller financing. In this strategy, you will approach an owner who no longer wants to deal with the hassle and stress of leasing. They will be told that you’re going to lease the house for five years and you’ll manage any and all maintenance. But in the end you’d like your home back from the tenant. There is a possibility that you’ll have to pay for three to 4000 dollars in cash at the beginning in addition to your rent per month. It is possible to recoup the cost by leasing the space to students. It is now clear how you can make money as a student with real estate.


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